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About JB Net AV

Formerly JB Networks and House of Hinedenach


JB Net AV is a new name with origins of its 2 business entities that date back nearly 45 years.  House of Hindenach A/V Systems started operating more than 4 decades ago.  

In fall 2018, House of Hindenach was purchased by JB Networks Inc.  JB Networks operated out of Bluffton, Ohio and for the past 18 years has served the IT needs of residential, commercial and industrial customers.  The progression of IT into surveillance, telephony and now audio and video systems has allowed JB Networks to expand its market. 

The strategic purchase of House of Hindenach allows us to build on the integration  between IT and A/V.  Many of our projects involve heavy integration with a company's IT infrastructure.  We are uniquely suited to bring our IT knowledge to the table to make A/V systems more functional, cost effective and usable.

After 5 years operating under multiple names, in 2023 we began operating under a combined name of JB Net AV.  

We now operate out of our showroom/office/warehouse location at 408 N Main St in Findlay Ohio.  

Looking for Career in AV or IT?

We do have job openings from time to time.  Feel free to provide your resume to make our search start with you!

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